Agile Maturity Assessment

Our assessments are simply an immersed & collaborative visit to your teams. We'll attend a wide variety of your agile team ceremonies and observe them and your teams. We'll also sit down for 1:1 sessions with a varied group of your team members (and roles). Afterward, we'll deliver a written assessment with a hand-full of high-impact recommendations for improvement.

We use the Agile Journey Index (AJI), developed by Bill Krebs, as our assessment tool. You can find the book describing the index here and a video explaining it here. We can leverage it for a specific team or an entire organization.

Often we'll meet with your Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Leadership team to deliver the assessment in-person. Even more often we'll meet with the entire team -- in an effort to support full transparency. Either way, we find this approach to be the most effective way to create the discussions towards improving your practices. Our experience is that teams and organizations typically react very well to our insights and that the assessment results in a significant up-tick in overall performance.

Please download our assessment overview here for more information and reach out to us for a discussion surrounding your assessment needs.

One-time assessment

Sometimes you just want a "second opinion" on how well your doing. This provides that insight.

On-going assessments

We much prefer extending our "Endpoints Coaching" model (see Coaching) with the addition of periodic assessments. We prefer doing these on a quarterly basis and find that it serves as a team-wide retrospective that helps enhance your continuous agile improvement.

This also has the added benefit of trending our observations and your improvements over time. This allows both of us to consider context and continuous improvement over the longer term. This is a much preferred model for us. 

Product Ownership Assessment

This is a particular area of strength that we bring to our assessment services.

As part of delivering the 2'nd Edition of our Scrum Product Ownership book, we developed an assessment framework focused towards Agile Product Management and the Product Owner role. It's based on and extends the Agile Journey Index framework. We've found it to be a great help to Product Owner-oriented organizations to understand what "Good" looks like within the context of the organizational and team aspects of the role. Here's a blog post that goes into more detail.

Bob is a leader in his field. His passion for Agile and building amazing products is unmatched. Bob understands the value in mentoring and coaching to help build up his teams and move the organization forward. I have had the opportunity to work with Bob twice in my career and in each role he was viewed as the expert leading in Agile and best practices for development. At ChannelAdvisor, Bob helped me roll out Agile to a team in Ireland/Germany. Bob brought a great combination of gentle coaching, effective teaching and leadership to help move our processes forward. At iContact, Bob and I worked together in building out the iContact product. He was always trying to improve what we were doing and help us strengthen our Agile practices and efficiency. He was also always available to help my team or in any advice I needed. Bob is unmatched in his ability to step in and literally transform a development team.
— Michelle Engle -- Director of Product Management and User Experience, iContact