With his deep, in the trenches, agile experience, Bob Galen is widely considered as a "Coach of Coaches" in the agile community.

He's been using Extreme Programming since 2001, Scrum practices since the late 1990's, and Kanban since 2009. He's been actively coaching agile teams, both as an external consultant and internal change agent, for the past 17+ years.

Point is: we're not a recent convert to agile, but instead we've been using the methods since the inception of the ideas and approaches. And we haven't been simply "consulting". Bob has often held Senior Leadership roles, serving as an internal agile change agent, and has demonstrated a proven ability to create high-performance agile organizations. And we bring that wealth of experience to every client engagement and delivered class. 

We work with each client to fully assess and understand their needs. Then propose a solution that will help supplement your experience and achieve your goals. That solution can take the form of customized assessments, coaching, consulting and training.

Agile Background BIO

Company Profile

RGCG was formed in the Fall of 2001 to provide consulting and training services to aid your software teams in outstanding project execution. Early on, we largely focused on traditional software development approaches. But we were an early adopter of the agile methods and quickly made that the centerpiece of our practice.

Robert (Bob) Galen is President and Principal Consultant of RGCG.  Bob, in conjunction with our other consulting associates and partners, has deep experience across a spectrum of business contexts and methodologies that you can leverage in a wide variety of ways.

We also have breadth introducing agility from small start-up and entrepreneurial environments to large-scale, enterprise-level organizations. While this spectrum of cultures requires nimbleness and subtlety to effectively navigate, our experience is that agility works nicely across this spectrum.

Coaching Philosophy

Bob has been a Scrum Alliance - Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) since 2012. He is one of the few coaches who can (and does) operate at the team, group, organization, and enterprise level in his coaching. Most coaches only coach downward to the team and lack the skill, and quite frankly the courage, to coach upward. 

Coach of Coaches

Additionally, Bob is one of those coaches that other agile coaches approach and trust to coach themselves. In other words, he often - coaches the coaches, mentoring both client coaches and coaches within the agile community. This is not driven by his certifications, but by his experience and willingness to share it. 

He also mentors individual coaches who are looking to become certified with the Scrum Alliance CTC and CEC level certifications.

Bob has also signed the Agile Coaches Oath and subscribes to its tenets and principles. Particularly the base principle of: Do no harm.

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The Leadership circle

I’ve been looking for a leadership assessment instrument to help me in my agile coaching and training. You see, I do quite a lot of:

  • Leadership individual coaching

  • Agile Leadership training via the Scrum Alliance - Certified Agile Leadership class (in both public & private formats)

  • Leadership group coaching

In late 2018, I was certified to use and coach to three instruments from The Leadership Circle.

  • Leadership Circle Profile (leadership or manager versions)

  • Leadership Culture Survey

As of our 2019 Private CAL I class deliveries, we will be leveraging the Leadership Culture Survey as the centerpiece instrument for leadership team/group cultural assessment as it relates to agile leadership.

We will also be leveraging the Leadership Circle Profile in our CAL 2 offerings during the latter half of 2019. Leveraging in in public and private cohorts. Depending on the cohort, we will be reviewing group and/or individual profiles.

Scrum Alliance


Bob is a Certified Scrum Master Practicing (CSP), a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC). He's held these certifications since 2004, 2007, and 2012 respectively.

Of particular note is the CEC. As of 2017, there are ~90 CEC's in the world. Bob became #47. The certification process was arduous, consisting of detailed experience reports, recommendations, and an in-person interview. Material preparation took 3 months and the process itself, roughly 6 months. It was nearly a year in-process.

Beyond that, the rejection rate for CEC applications is incredibly high--as the bar for entry is high. The Scrum Alliance looks for wide-ranging and deep coaching experience at an enterprise and organizational level. We're quite proud that Bob is now a member of this elite group of Agile/Scrum coaches.

As of January, 2017 Bob has also achieve the level of Certified Agile Leader (CAL) Educator. This is a new, leadership focused, certification that has been introduced by the Scrum Alliance. It's actually in a Beta program format and we're please to be one of the early adopter educators.

Scrum Alliance profile

Scaled Agile

In June 2014, Bob earned the Scaled Agile Framework - SAFe Program Consultant (SPC-3) certification. Bob has been coaching and guiding organizations for many years towards "at Scale" agility. But he's been doing that leveraging the Scrum of Scrums as the default model.

Bob has also attended the Scrum.org Nexus and Scrum@Scale classes and has thoroughly studied the LeSS and DaD frameworks. 

Bob has chosen not to upgrade his SPC-3 to SPC-4 in 2016-2017. The thought is that since we don't train SAFe specific classes, so there is no need for the formal certification. And it also avoids conflict of interest between the Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile.

However, we will continue to stay abreast of ALL updates to these common scaling frameworks in order to best assist our larger-scale clients in their scaling efforts. Our feeling is that there is value (and learning) in all of them, so why focus on simply one.

Other Competency/Skill Areas

Bob walks his talk by continuously learning and improving his agile capabilities. It's something he feels very strongly about and something that every RGCG coach supports as well.

  • In 2011, Bob attended David Anderson's Kanban Coaching Masterclass. This class served as a "springboard" for our Kanban coaching capabilities.

  • In 2014, Bob attended Dan Mezick's Open Space Agility workshop.

  • In 2016, Bob attended TFTBOTR - training class with Tricia Broderick

  • In 2016, Bob attended Scrum.org - Nexus class for a different view to scaling Scrum

  • In 2017, Bob attended David Anderson's Kanban Coaching Masterclass.

  • In 2017, Bob attended the Trans4Mation Agile Leadership class, which covered the Integral Agile Framework.

  • In 2018, Bob attended and co-taught a Scrum@Scale Practitioner class with Don MacIntyre.

  • In 2018, Bob attended The Leadership Circle Profile & Leadership Survey training.