Agile and Scrum Books

Bob has authored three books. Two that are agile centric and very pragmatic. He's also a prolific blogger, pod-caster, writer, and author. This is a great place to gather information that will help you in your agile journey.

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Agile Reflections

Published in 2013, Agile Reflections is a compilation of select blog posts from both PM Times and BA Times from 2009 thru 2012. All have been re-edited and updated. A few have been combined. And there are a couple of new entries that provide more cohesive coverage of the books' themes.

Scrum Product Ownership

In 2009, the 1'st Edition of SPO was literally the first book to focus pragmatically on the role of the Scrum Product Owner. The 2'nd Edition, published in 2013, builds on that success. It contains updated lessons in every chapter and a renewed focus on Agile at Scale.

Software Endgames

Published in 2004, Software Endgames was unique in it's focus on how to finish projects (well) as opposed to how to start them. Key topics include goal-setting, defect workflows & triage, and metrics.

You can also get e-copies of it here.

Agile Software Development - Downloads

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3 - Pillars and Agile Testing - Downloads

This downloads page contains general writings and presentations about agile quality and testing topics.

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Blog Posts

 Bob actively posts on two web portals and x-posts on several others. He's a principal contributor to:

but will also be actively blogging on this website as well. You can see additional x-posts here:

Video Clips & Webinars

Meta-Cast, Podcast

Josh Anderson and Bob have been recording a fairly regularly scheduled Agile topics podcast since December 2010. They call it the Meta-Cast and have a lot of fun exchanging ideas and telling stories around the agile methods, teams, and adoption. Sharing what "good Agile" looks like from their perspectives. As of January 2015, there were 65+ pod-casts available.

They hope you take the time to join them...on the Meta-Cast...

Agile Reflections

Musings Toward Becoming “Seriously Agile” in Software Development

You can purchase Agile Reflections on Createspace, with a $10 introductory discount. The discount code is: MFD648JY and you can purchase it here.

At the moment, you can get iterative e-copies on Leanpub.   Leanpub is a website that fosters collaboration and iterative  development of books by authors and interested buyers. The text is  complete on Leanpub, but it won't have the formatting polish of the  e-published book.

Regardless of where you get it, Agile Reflections is sure to provide additional insights towards improving your personal, team, and  organizational agile transformation. 

Scrum Product Ownership

Balancing Value from the Inside Out

Second Edition Now Available!

NEW NEWS - March 2014: The book is now recommended reading for the PSPO subject areas at Here's a link. From my perspective, this is a heckofa recommendation.

And here's a review by Nick Zdunic.

Virtually every chapter in the first edition was changed with an eye towards learning and Scrum adaptation from 2009 to 2012. The following core changes were made:

  • A new organization into 4 topic sections
  • Virtually every chapter was updated in some way
  • A new chapter focused on Agile Chartering
  • Several updated and new chapters focused on Agile / Scrum scaling and the implications to Product Ownership
  • Many new real-world stories
  • Updates on running effective Sprint Reviews
  • An entirely updated appendix section and a full index

You can purchase Scrum Product Ownership, 2'nd Edition on Createspace here

And if you're looking for a PDF copy, you can purchase it here for $9.95 --