I've been teaching, coaching, and speaking about agile approaches for over 15 years in conferences all over the world. 

In that time, there are a set of questions that everyone seems to be concerned about. I think the top 5 might include the following:

  1. What tools do you recommend we use for tracking our teams?
  2. How do we estimate fixed scope / fixed time projects with agile?
  3. How do I fit my current metrics / KPI dashboard into our agile teams?
  4. Do you really need a ScrumMaster and/or Product Owner? And if so, what do they do?
  5. How does documentation work? We're in a regulated environment and agile doesn't support documentation.

And as time goes on, the frequency of the questions hasn't really declined. So, they're still relevant and indicative of things folks are grappling with in their understanding of agility.

A week or so ago I came across a blog post from Angela Wick entitled - Agile Requirements Documentation - What's Really Needed?

It's the most cogent and common sense answer to #5 above that I've ever seen. And if you know me, when I reference another blog, I usually have something to add or a point or two I disagree with. With Angela's piece, there wasn't a point I couldn't agree with.

It's now my "Go To" reference for folks who are struggling with the questions around -

  • What are agile requirements documents?
  • How much is enough?
  • What to write and what not to write?
  • What should be the focus? 
  • Who writes it?

and any other questions from my clients. Please read her entire blog. You'll find insights and value that will be helpful in your agile journey!

Stay agile my friends,