I formed RGalen Consulting Group in 2001. It was an independent software development and testing consulting firm that provided training and consulting services focused on sharing my experience for client improvement. Even though I had many permanent leadership roles, I maintained and grew the practice with the intent to eventually focus 100% on my coaching and consulting.

The focus of our client improvements were around:

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Software Development & Delivery

  • Software Quality

  • Software Requirements, Planning & Execution

In the early days of the practice, I became “Agile” and that has permeated all of the above ever since. And not just agile in word or because it’s a “hot topic”. No! I’ve got agile in my bones, in my DNA, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of several companies where we leveraged agile principles to change the entire culture.

Over the years, I’ve partnered with several firms to increase my bandwidth and ability to serve my clients AND have a broader influence than with a sole proprietorship. They were:

  • Velocity Partners

  • and most recently, Zenergy Technologies

Now, I’ve decided to move on from Zenergy and begin a new chapter in my agile and client journey…

Thank you, Zenergy Technologies

I want to thank Chris Laney, Shaun Bradshaw, and David Dang, and the Zenergy crew for two and a half years of fun. Of twists, turns, ups, and downs. I learned a lot during this time. Not only about our customers, but about myself. And I’m sincerely appreciative of the experience.

A New Journey Begins

But I have some BIG news to share. As of March 18th, 2019, I’ll be taking on a role of Principal Agile Coach with Vaco here in the Raleigh, NC area.

Importantly, it will allow me to work with a few people who I admire greatly in the agile coaching space. I’m part of an initial team that includes:

  1. Mary Thorn, Agile Practice Lead

  2. Jim Grundner, Agile Practice Lead

  3. Kim Andrikaitis, Agile Coach

One of the reasons I’ve decided to make this change is to be a part of this team. Our goal at Vaco Agile is to build a team of A-Player agile coaches and trainers. People who have broad, deep experience. Who care passionately for our clients and want to help them deliver value. Who want to work with like-minded coaches, challenging ourselves to be walking our talk, continuously learning, and growing ourselves and each other. In other words to create a kick-ass, world class team.

I’ve worked with all three of these folks over the years, particularly with Mary. I’m incredibly excited about the complimentary skills we’re bringing to the table right out of the gate. And this is simply the beginning!

Vaco Culture

Another part of my excitement is how well agile aligns with Vaco’s core principles and culture. Sid Mitchener and Taylor Roberts are part of our agile team. I’ve known Sid for 10+ years and he’s always been a high character, high relationship, high people focused leader. Their partnership with the coaches on the client engagement side of things create a cohesive practice that has all of the bases covered.

Here’s a link to the Vaco blog post announcing the practice

Wrapping Up

I’m still keeping my RGalen practice going. So, don’t hesitate to reach out on that front, as I will continue to offer the services and experience that have made such a difference to my clients over the years.

But that being said, I will devote a significant part of my energy, time, and passion to help Vaco Agile become a world class agile consulting firm that just doesn’t say it’s agile or say we can help. But one that has the real world chops, integrity, and principles to do what few (to no) agile firms do.

Partner with our clients to help them create kick ass agile cultures that deliver client value amidst all of the values that agile teams should exhibit.

What an exciting time at RGalen Consulting and Vaco Agile. I couldn’t be more fired up if I wanted to be. Keep watching to see what emerges. AND, if you need help in your agile journey, you know where to go.

Stay agile my friends,