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A New Path...


A New Path...

I formed RGalen Consulting Group in 2001. It was an independent software development and testing consulting firm that provided training and consulting services focused on sharing my experience for client improvement. Even though I had many permanent leadership roles, I maintained and grew the practice with the intent to eventually focus 100% on my coaching and consulting.

The focus of our client improvements were around:

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Software Development & Delivery

  • Software Quality

  • Software Requirements, Planning & Execution

In the early days of the practice, I became “Agile” and that has permeated all of the above ever since. And not just agile in word or because it’s a “hot topic”. No! I’ve got agile in my bones, in my DNA, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of several companies where we changed the entire culture, not just technology.

Over the years, I’ve partnered with several firms to increase my bandwidth and ability to serve my clients AND have a broader influence than a sole proprietorship. They were:

  • Velocity Partners

  • and most recently, Zenergy Technologies

Now, I’ve decided to move on from Zenergy and begin a new chapter in my agile and client journey…