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Scrum Product Ownership: Study Guide, v1.0

This blog post, which will actually become a “series” as I keep adding references to it, was inspired by Bhavani Rao. Bhavani is a Product Manager who lives in my neighborhood. He’s trying to make the transition to Agile Product Management (Ownership) and is finding it difficult to gain entry without real world experience. So a catch-22 if you will.

The focus of this blog is to provide a lean (but robust) set of references for “would be” Scrum Product Owners and “newbie” Product Owners to help them in their journey. But don’t expect it to be easy or to only read a few blog posts. The role of Product Owner is deep, broad, challenging and downright intimidating. That is – if you want to be GREAT.

I hope you do and I hope this helps…

Bhavani – this one’s for you ;-)