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My New Role – TechWell Program Chair

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My New Role – TechWell Program Chair

I’ve been speaking at TechWell events since around 2000. First, I started out with track talks. Then I started sharing full-day and ½ day workshops. I’ve also been invited to deliver several keynotes at the Star and Agile Dev / Better Software conferences.

All-in-all, it’s been a professional relationship that I’ve really enjoyed.

Recently, the long-time program chair, Lee Copeland, stepped aside. I truly want to thank Lee for the years he invested in helping me grow this side of my consulting practice. I owe him a great deal.

Program Chair & Talent Scout

Given my history and experienced, TechWell approached me to help fill the Program Chair role for the:

  • Agile Development
  • Better Software
  • DevOps

Conference series going forward.

The conference has a West / East format. The West version is held in Las Vegas, typically in early June. The East version is held in Orlando, typically in early November.

The programs are usually developed 8 months in advance of the conference, so you need to reach out to me early if you’re interested in participating.

The program chair is responsible for pulling together approximately:

  • ~4 Keynote presentations
  • ~4 full-day workshops
  • ~20 ½ day workshops
  • ~60 60-minute track talks

across the four major themes (Agile Development, Traditional Software Development, DevOps) of the conference.

And the talent scout part of my role will focus on looking for new and interesting topics, speakers, and formats to introduce to the conferences.

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