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The Agile Project Manager--How do you want your Software, Good or Fast?

Picture this…

You are in a software diner one evening after a long day at work. A tired and disheveled waitress walks up to you to take your order—gum smacking as she goes over the daily specials. Nothing really sounds good to you, but you are extremely hungry and short on time. She summarizes the possibilities for you to help with your decision-making.

Honey she says—

You can get mediocre to terrible food fast or slow food that tastes good. But you can’t have both—good & fast food. 

It seems as if we’re always given certain choices in our software delivery challenges similar to what our waitress has given us. We have all heard of the “iron triangle” of Project Management—defining Scope, Cost, and Time as the three critical dimensions for a project. Usually Quality is placed within the triangle as a fourth variable—totally at the mercy of the other three.