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Meta-Cast - TOP 3, 2016 Podcasts


Meta-Cast - TOP 3, 2016 Podcasts

At the end of 2016, Josh and I had published 106 posts on our Meta-Cast agile podcast that we started in January of 2010. So, we've been LIVE for 7 years now.

In that time, we've published on virtually any agile topic you can think of. I thought I'd share our Top 3 podcasts from 2016.

#1 - Revisiting Agile Testing

In this segment, we actually review one of our early podcasts that focused on agile testing and then shared some of our updated thoughts and reactions to the topic. It turns out that much remained the same, but there were difference (shifts) in our thinking.

#2 - Agile is Dead

In this segment, we explored the "movement" that is implying that agile is DEAD. We look at the forces behind it, the why if you will. But we also weigh-in on our own thoughts. And if it's not dead, where IS agile now and where is it GOING.

#3 - Introducing the Agile Donut

What's interesting in this segment is that Josh shares his direct experience at The Dude implementing agile methods. His focus has been on Scrum, Spotify, and a bit of SAFe. He characterizes it as The Agile Donut. Listen in.

The Meta-Cast is into it's 8'th year. We hope you continue to follow us and that we continue to provide value to the community. 

Stay agile our friends!