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The Two Most Fundamental KEYS for your Agile Transformations


The Two Most Fundamental KEYS for your Agile Transformations

This is a short blog post. But I hope the brevity doesn’t undermine the seriousness of the message. 

Most firms focus on:

  • Reorganizations or flattening their structures

  • Bringing in coaching firms that only coach the teams

  • Buying a TON of tools

  • Sending everyone to certifications classes (everyone on the teams that is)

  • Expecting a bottom up success without top down engagement

  • Getting more done, lots more!

  • When challenged, reorganizing again…and again

  • Converting the PMO to an Agile PMO

  • Executing agile “projects” with “resources”

  • Buying a scaling framework to rule them all…

  • Literally, “leaders & managers” are focused on “making” the firm “agile”…

The most fundamental steps…

  1. Bring in a coaching partner that has real experience coaching at all tiers of your organization. Starting with your leadership team. A partner who understands the principles of agile and isn’t selling you classes, certifications, and frameworks.

  2. Realizing that your teams are your fundamental value proposition. You have to engage or invite them to participate in ALL aspects of your transformation. Listen to their ideas, trust their advice, and act based on it. No longer are the managers running the asylum, Nor the inmates. You are all in it together.

Everything revolves around activating your workforce to deliver customer value. You serve your workforce first and customer value (and ROI) will follow.

Oh, and you need expert help. Help that you trust. Help that is deeply experienced. Help that looks to partner with you, while also being willing to challenge you and tell you the truth.

Wrapping Up

There. That’s it!

Value your teams and get a trusted and experienced partner to help guide your path. 

It’s as simple as that.

Stay agile my friends,