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Agile Software Capitalization...Boring!


Agile Software Capitalization...Boring!

One of the topics that I've typically avoided at agile conferences and in discussions with colleagues is software capitalization. Particularly in agile contexts.

The first reason is that it's usually used as an excuse to undermine agile principles and as a means of continuing old practices. 

The second is that I find it somewhat...boring. Yes, it's often necessary for many enterprise or larger-scale contexts. But I'd rather the teams focus on innovation, customer value, and deliver than on capitalization.

And the third reason, which is somewhat embarrassing, is that I never had a succinct recommendation for folks on how to handle it in agile contexts. I always felt that I said "it depends" too often.


But all of those reactions were excuses. And I do realize that it's a serious topic for many folks. So, imagine my delight when I came across a real-world blog post from Stephanie Davis of Valpak in Tampa Florida that explained how they've been handling it. 

And not only that, the post contains some reference post that nicely provides additional capitalization examples and advice.

Wrapping Up

I've shared this post to be my "Go To" reference for capitalization. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing!

Stay agile my friends,