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Sprint Planning – Simple, and yet…


Sprint Planning – Simple, and yet…

It’s really quite funny. I’ve been coaching and teaching Scrum for nearly 20 years. But sometimes, my knowledge and experience sometimes gets in the way, in that I sometimes forget that the simplest of the ceremonies can often be hard to get…”right”.

One of those is sprint planning.  

I recently stumbled across two references that I think are very helpful in executing this simple and important, yet sometimes hard to get right ceremony.

The graphic is from Joshua’s article. I really like it!

I’ve also written a quick helper guide around how I’ve found it best to get started in sprint planning. Mostly with new teams. It’s a recipe I’ve successfully been using for well over 10 years and I hope you find some useful hints within.

Here’s the link:

Wrapping Up

Sprint planning is one of those ceremonies that embodies quite a lot of agile skills:

  • Backlog refinement

  • Estimation (at a story and task level)

  • Effective story writing

  • Collaborative workflow

  • Done and delivery

Getting it “right” can help you and your teams accelerate towards delivering on the promises of Scrum.

Stay agile my friends,