Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are publicly offered as a free service from RGalen Consulting Group. Usually Bob Galen is the resident coach, but there may be other coaches facilitating the circle on occasion.

The intent is to:

  1. Provide a service to the community to advance the state of agile practice

  2. But also to expose our capabilities to others and the effectiveness of virtual coaching to potential clients. You see we offer private Coaching Circles to our clients and this is a great way to gain exposure to their value.

We are currently scheduling 1 Circle / month and you can connect to upcoming 2019 Circles here...

What is a "Coaching Circle"?

  • It’s a periodic session where you can “sit down with” a small group of colleagues and explore your most challenging scenarios with an experienced agile coach.

  • Individuals such as Scrum Masters, Internal Agile Coaches, VP/Director/Managers, and Product Owners as candidates for the coaching.

  • The sessions are usually 90 minutes in length.

  • The number of attendees is limited to no more than 12, so everyone gets a chance to share their challenges and experiences.

  • We’ll always run the circle, independent of the number of attendees. So, a minimum of one attendee gets our full attention.

  • It’s a community event, so everyone vets possible solution approaches, as we all learn together.

  • They are NOT recorded. So it’s like Vegas – in that what happens in “the Circle” stays within “the Circle”. It is a “safe place”.

  • It’s run as a Lean Coffee. In the very beginning, attendees review their scenarios. Then we prioritize them and spend 10-15 minutes on each, working top down. We usually get to 3-4-5 per session, preferring a bit of depth over breadth.

  • Community, sounding board, collaboration, help, idea sharing, safe area to expose your challenges – all come to mind to describe our Coaching Circle.

Why attend?

  • You’ve all probably heard the phrase: doing agile is simple, being agile and truly realizing the benefits is HARD. Well that’s the core driver behind this offering.

  • Bob Galen and our other agile coaches have been there and done that many times. They understand what “good agile” looks like and are expert in coaching you towards that goal.

  • The circle is intended to be a learning and growing experience. Consider it your virtual mentor and coach as you grow your skills.

  • And these skills often take a bit of time to develop, so please have a “longer view” towards your investment in agile coaching skills.