I'll be attending the Scrum Alliance - North America Scrum Gathering this year in Orlando. On Sunday they'll be having the CST/CSC Retreat. Then the gathering is Monday - Wednesday. I'll be participating in the Open Space on Wednesday. I'll also be "hanging around" the Coaching Clinic quite a bit.

Update: I've had one of my proposals accepted. Here it is:

  • Session:                              Why The World Needs More Prescriptive Agile Coaches
  • Track:                                 Agile Galaxy: Looking far beyond the basics
  • Duration:                           90 minutes
  • Timeslot:                            Monday, April 18th, 15:30 - 17:00
  • Room:                                 Timor Sea- Please check the website for your room setup and capacity.
  • Session Type:                      Workshop
  • Level:                                  Introduction/Intermediate