I have a confession to make. I've been podcasting with my friend and colleague Josh Anderson on the Meta-Cast for over 5 years. And I've been loyal to it.

But recently I was invited to chat with two follow podcasters. So I cheated, just a bit, and had a great time chatting with these folks.

I thought I'd share links to those 'casts here, just in case you're interested in the conversations. I also recommend you pay attention to the two podcasts as they are well done and incredibly relevant.

  • Deliver It podcast with Cory Bryan, we chatted about Product Ownership, imagine that?
  • Mastering Business Analysis podcast with Dave Saboe, we again chat about Product Ownership. But this time with a twist towards Business Analysts.

What were the topics you might be asking?     Scrum Product Ownership

I hope Josh understands...

Stay Agile my Friends!