I read an article on LinkedIn by Ewan O'Leary that really, really resonated with me.


I fell in love with his list. Mostly because it shined a light on my own journey and the work I need to do each and every day to become a better, more present, and more connected coach.

#5 is an area where I often fall down in my journey. I sometimes use the term "that's not Agile" in my coaching, passing judgment and elevating agile above everything else. I need to stop that. I also continuously check on #8 as I engage so many people and contexts as a leading agile coach.

Anyway, without further adieu, here's the list:

  1. I believe in the innate value and potential of all human beings. 
  2. I believe that Agile is a mindset that orients me towards human excellence.
  3. I believe that my own transformation is the path to transforming others, transforming organizations and transforming the world.
  4. I believe that I should do no harm, and wherever possible, improve psychological safety.
  5. I believe I should avoid judgement of others who I may feel are operating from a different perspective - it is everyone's right to carry their own burdens. They're heavy enough, don't add to them.
  6. I embrace my own authenticity and share it in connection with others except where my authenticity may create unsafe conditions for them.
  7. I believe that I am oriented towards using my capability for good in the world.
  8. I practice humility and compassion, with a focus on kindness, recognizing my own shadow as it shows up in the work I do with others. 
  9. I honor and respect each individual as the author of their own journey, free from manipulation or coercion. 
  10. When I fail to adhere to these principles, I acknowledge my failure and its impact on others and harness it for my own development.

I am a Professional Agile Coach

I want to strongly encourage you to read Ewan's post and the comments it's received. There are great insights there as well.

And even though I'm continuously working on the list in my coaching and personal journey, I do believe:  I am a Professional Agile Coach.

Stay agile my friends!