It dawned on me the other day. I client asked for role-based guidance around ScrumMasters and Product Owners. One of my pointers was to the Meta-cast podcast that Josh Anderson and I do together. 

But there are 100+ and counting podcasts there and I realized that it's very hard to cull through them all to get role-specific advice.

So I thought I'd pull together three lists in this post that align with the three Scrum roles: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Team. It's not intended to be exhaustive, but I think you'll find value in the discussions.

But first start out here:

and here:

ScrumMaster Role

Product Owner Role

Agile Team Role

Wrapping Up

If you enjoyed some of these, I'd encourage you to search around on the Meta-cast for more topics. I'm sure you'll find us yacking about it somewhere.

Stay agile my friends!