I delivered a keynote at the Agile Development + Better Software + DevOps conference put on by TechWell on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, in Orlando. 

The feedback I received was wonderful and it seems the talk resonated with quite a few of the attendees. To the point, that I want to share it here.

At some point, I'll get a link to the video of the keynote and I'll share it here. Until then though, here's a link to the slides from the talk.

And here's a synopsis that was written by Jason Schreuder.

And, a Test

As part of the keynote, I placed a picture of a leader I admire next to each pattern, snippet, suggestion. I challenged the attendees to try and make a list of the names along with the presentation. But it dawned on me that sharing a master key to the pictures would not only be helpful, but fair. But please, only use it after you try to go through the presentation on your own.

So, here's the key:

1.     Dalai Lama

2.     Esther Derby

3.     Jean Tabaka

4.     Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber

5.     Bono

6.     Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory

7.     Sheryl Sandberg

8.     Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar

9.     Tobias Mayer

10.  Colin Powell

11.  Ellen Grove

12.  Steve Jobs

13.  Simon Sinek

14.  Bob Hartman

15.  Linda Rising

16.  Susan Cain

17.  Richard Branson & Mark Zuckerberg

18.  Diana Larsen

19.  Dwight David Eisenhower

20.  Indiana Jones, aka Harrison Ford

21.  Greg Popovich & Pat Summit

22.  Tricia Broderick

23.  Kim Scott

24.  Kent Beck

25.  Tom Gilb

26.  Maaret Pyhäjärvi

27.  Luke Hohmann

28.  Bill Bilichick

29.  Johanna Rothman

30.  David Hussman

31.  Henrik Kniberg

32.  David Marquet

33.  Sandy Mamoli

34.  Dean Leffingwell

35.  Eric Ries

36.  John Kotter & Jason Little

37.  Spock

38.  Dana Pylayeva

39.  Jurgen Appelo

40.  Oprah

41.  Yoda

42.  Allison Pollard

43.  Mike Cohn

44.  Stephen Hawking

45.  Bill Joiner

46.  Elisabeth Hendrickson

47.  Lyssa Adkins

48.  Henry Lawrence Gantt

49.  Ronald Reagan

50.  Stephen Denning

51.  Frank Sinatra

Wrapping Up

Agile leadership, that is effective and self-aware agile leadership, is one of the next big waves in achieving true business agility. At least IMHO. And this talk, while tongue in cheek, was really targeted towards sharing some key skills and perspectives around what "good looks like" in this area.

I hope all of you "agile leaders" are paying attention...

Stay agile my friends!