I’m often caught up in a pattern with clients.

They’ll come to me and ask me to help them either start on their agile journeys or improve / accelerate their current efforts.

But then, when the actual logistics are discussed, we try to minimize everything. That is coaching and training time. The primary two reasons are budget and the time investment. I guess folks are focused on getting the max for the minimum. (sounds like a department store doesn’t it?) https://m.tjmaxx.tjx.com

So, I keep reducing my recommendations and approaches until at some point it fits the budget and time tolerances. But often that comes at a cost. 10 years ago, I would minimize to the point where the results would be impacted, but I try not to do that anymore.

Now, I’m much better at holding the line. At negotiating, by keeping their needs and the ultimate outcome in mind. At keeping everyone focused on the goals. 

So, where are you going with this, Bob?

Asking for the Moon

I came upon this article by Joshua Kerievsky. In it he makes the point that we should try to begin our agile journeys by…Asking for the Moon.

That is, maximizing our ask in an effort to really set ourselves up for success. From the beginning. And avoiding succumbing to pressure and our minimus tendencies. 

So, I ask you to have the courage to consider asking for the moon. But be prepared, you just might get it…

Stay agile my friends,