2018/2019 - Scrum Alliance, Cal Update & webinar

I was fortunate enough to be invited to deliver a webinar for the Scrum Alliance. 500+ people attended as I shared on -

Let Me Tell You a Story: The Essence of Effective Leadership Communication

Our Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) class has become one of the best ways for organizational leaders to (re) energize their role as a critical participant and success factor in agile transformations. While I deliver the occasional public class, 90% of our focus in 2018 and beyond is leveraging the CAL class as an internal leadership team igniter. We're truly excited by the results!

Find out more about our CAL class here…

2018 - Partnership with Lean Agile Intelligence

For years I've struggled to figure out the right recipe for offering assessments to our clients. Do we partner with a firm that provides a large-scale and certification based assessment tool? Or do we offer our own, targeted, but home-grown variants? We've leaned towards the latter because they best fit our philosophy. However, we've always been looking for an assessment partner that met our philosophy, agile principles, and business alignment. 

Well in late 2017, we found Lean Agile Intelligence and are partnering with them as THE vehicle for our client assessment needs. What makes LAI different is that it's:

  • Principle-based assessment criteria

  • Flexible & configurable for various methods & frameworks

  • Not tied to a certification scheme (not simply a $$$ machine)

  • Derived from real-world coaching experience

  • Not tied to any specific method, approach, tactic, or dogma

Beginning in Q2, we'll be leveraging LAI for all of our client assessments within our coaching engagements. We think it will bring a new level to the insights we gain and help increase our already high-value proposition in helping our clients improve.

We also plan on augmenting LAI with our Scrum Product Ownership, edition 3 product owner maturity assessment framework. Which gives us a consistent platform across all of our assessments.

Michael McCalla is the agile coach behind LAI and we're also looking forward to partnering with and learning from him as we both evolve the LAI platform.

2018 - Public Coaching Circles

We've been running free, public virtual Agile Coaching Circles since Q4 2016. In 2018, were increasing the frequency to 2x month from January thru May. This is a service we provide to our clients, colleagues, and friends. It's also a way to familiarize yourself with our coaching capabilities and style. Check out the details here.

2017 - Bob Galen is Scrum Alliance "CAL" instructor

Early in 2016 the Scrum Alliance announced a new certification targeted towards agile leaders. The primary driver was the "gap" in focus and training for leaders of agile transformations. The Certified Agile Leader (CAL) program was created to fill this void and to truly focus on leaders and leadership as a success factor in agile adoption.

As of January 2017, Bob Galen is one of the first approved CAL, Level-1 certification instructors. In this capacity, Bob has developed a highly effective 2+ day experiential class that not only covers the CAL learning objectives, but also shares Bob's broad experience on this topic.

We encourage you to reach out to us for information on the CAL and how we might partner with your leadership team to raise the level of their agile effectiveness. While we envision delivering the CAL mostly in private, client-focused sessions, we will be scheduling a few public classes in 2017. Look for those here on our website or on the Scrum Alliance website.

More information on what the RGCG - Certified Agile Leader class has to offer you...

2016 - RGalen and Zenergy enter partnership

As of August 8, 2016, RGalen Consulting has entered into a partnership with Zenergy Technologies. While RGCG will remain an independent agile boutique consultancy, Bob will be looking to build a broad and deep Agile Transformation Practice partnered with Zenergy.

One of our greatest challenges at RGCG has been keeping up with our growing client needs. This partnership will enable us to serve a much greater client base while staying true to our agile roots and maintaining consistent quality standards in our agile coaching and training. In fact, we're looking to build & mentor a coaching practice that is "second to none" in replicating the experience Bob brings to bear in every engagement.

Read more here.

2016 - Coaching based CERTIFICATIONS

As of January 1, 2016, the Scrum Alliance is allowing Certified Enterprise Coaches (CEC is the new name for a CSC) to certify Certified ScrumMasters (CSM's) and Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPO's) as part of their coaching credential.

What this means to you is that a part of our coaching engagements can lead to certifications for critical individuals or entire teams for our clients. The requirement is for a minimum of 25 coaching contact hours and there will be an additional focus on personalized training and exam preparation.

However, this is really exciting news because it allows us more flexibility in serving you in your agile journey. If you are interested, please ask us for more details...

2015 - The Three Pillars of Agile Quality and Testing

After about a year of hard work, our book focused on the balanced strategies behind agile quality and testing is finally available. It was my pleasure to work with Mary Thorn as a key contributor to the book. Mary shared 22 stories and a chapter on the Agile Test Manager.

The book was a labor of love and we're incredibly pleased to see it make it to print. You can get more information on our books page.

2015 - 15+ Years of Speaking at SQE - Techwell events

Software Quality Engineering (now TechWell) has been running software-centric conferences for over 25 years. I remember my first submission to one of their events was a topic on the Personal Software Process (PSP) in 2000. The conference was in San Jose and Watts Humphrey was a keynote presenter. Here I am commenting on one of his "babies" while he sat in the front row. Nerve racking, daunting, scary? Yes! Fast forward to today, and it's been my privilege and honor to be an ongoing speaker (workshops, track talks, and keynotes) for TechWell for the past 15+ years.

And our "relationship" continues into 2016 and beyond, so check out events below for specifics...

Upcoming Events

The below events are confirmed for 2017: